Zombie dating

I’d think “how to avoid pain” would be more popular. Yogapantsnono: It’s odd that someone got to my site using this phrase because usually if I see yoga pants I say yes yes, but that’s only because I look so good in them. Charity for disabled rodents: That’s right, all proceeds from sales of merchandise in The Phil Factor Gift Shoppe are donated to buy tiny wheelchairs for rats. Those Caribbean pirates do look like an unsavory lot.Who knows, one might turn out to be the next Stephen Hawking! Perks of dating a zombi: Apparently Google thinks I’m a dating site for zombies and Hindi’s. People Die at Disney: Why did this bring people to my blog? There goes my chance to get Disney as an advertiser on The Phil Factor.If you’re just entering the dating market, there’s a whole new language you’ll need to learn.New buzzwords pop up all the time to explain some of the more common-yet-baffling behaviors out there. Zombies Around the World 2: Save the World • Plants vs.

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Zombies Get Off My Lawn 2: Get Out of My Space • Role-Planting Game • Plants vs. About 6 months ago I noticed “” coming up as a search term bringing people to my blog. Some days more people read my ‘sexting in Hindi’ post than the new post I put up that day.I thought it was funny so I wrote a hilarious post about it. I am now the most popular Hindi dating advice site in the world. Most painful things on Earth: Apparently reading my blog is one of them. Ever since I wrote this post back in October droves of people have come to my site because they want to know about things that cause pain.The newly named phenomena people ask me most about tend to fall in the “fading in and out” category.Even just 10 years ago, it was much harder to meet people because you had to risk rejection more frequently.

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