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“Israel is a fantastic dating coach and a great listener.

He was able to coach me in a way that suited my own particular issues.

Do you wonder why your friends always get the girl you are interested in?

The Academy will teach you strategies to COMPLETELY avoid the friend-zone.

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Fem Narux Sasu Highschool AUAU - Fact: If a girl slaps you for no reason, it means she likes you.

Once we break through your current beliefs, we can structure a path forward to your ideal dating partner.

Are you tired of being put in the dreadful friend-zone?

Are you interested in understanding why it's important that you not skip a step in this conversation process? The Academy will walk you through how to build the most efficient online dating profile.

The Academy will teach you how to properly open, engage, build rapport, escalate, and close the deal with women. You'll learn which profile pictures to select and which pictures not to use.

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