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Country gardeners still see the problem but town gardeners are not looking.

The fabric of your house could be ripped to the ground, never mind your garden." Many now fear that the gulf between gardeners and animal lovers has stretched too far, made worse by the Government-endorsed cull of grey squirrels. I planted 1,000 trees 25 years ago but the squirrels have come in and they are providing food for them.

Bob Flowerdew, one of Gardener's Question Time's regular presenters, said: "We have 2 million listeners and when I suggest quite rightly that rats are becoming a pest I get hate mail saying rats have a right to live.

We can do without rats, mice, fleas, lice and I'd add wood pigeons to the list. We are losing our roots with farming and people are beginning to forget.

Since they are fairly small, using hardware cloth with smaller holes that can be buried a few inches into the soil may help.

Since they climb, this means you also have to protect from that likelihood with either a cover or lining your barrier with flashing or some other material on which they cannot get traction.

He’s a great guy and such a good fit for me in many ways. I don’t want kids of my own, yet here I am, co-parenting at his side like a pro.Smitten by an appealing photo in someone's profile, you can easily fail to notice whether he or she possesses the traits and values you consider most important.If I sound ruefully familiar with this dynamic, it's because I went on 47 unproductive coffee dates in the course of a year before meeting someone with whom I clicked.Bunny Guinness, another regular panellist and columnist for the Sunday Telegraph, said: "I'm intolerant of squirrels and rabbits and pigeons. Coming from a farming background, I'm intolerant." She recommends using a Kania Trap, which crushes the neck of squirrels.The gardeners were speaking at Garden Show Ireland.

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