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A young woman, Lucy, receives a message of a girl friend of hers, whom invites her for a Webchat. See more » So, was this script written with only one thought in mind?

After a while, her friend begins to get undressed on her Webcam. See full summary » When three hilarious, strong-willed women join forces to seek the ultimate revenge on their cheating ex at his upcoming holiday retreat, lovestruck event planner Livvy meets Carter, the ... Every line of chat has to contain the maximum amount of acronyms and abbreviations!

Advance warning, there may not be any updates on this blog for about 10 days, since I have a little holiday. • Karon Beach Webcam • Surin Beach Webcam End of the season is coming, we've had some rain this week, mostly at night including a big storm on Sunday night which dropped about 100mm of rain on my house, maybe more..

Will have laptop with me, so will most likely post now and then on Twitter (follow me @Jamie Monk) and Facebook (please join the Jamie's Phuket Blog Page) PLUS you can always check the latest weather by looking at the webcams on this blog ... my rain gauge chose that night to run out of batteries. April in Phuket is a month of heat, and sudden bursts of rain, which can be refreshing and certainly help to ease the heat.

Running through the center of the city is the Chao Phraya River, which is surrounded by popular attractions including the famous Grand Palace and the floating market in Damnoen Saduak.

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Prices have been converted from the hotel’s local currency (THB19,237.95), via openexchangerates.org, using today’s exchange rate. If you love horror-ish movies about chatting and web-stuff, then perhaps, but there are still a lot of better choices out there. Kind of a shame with this movie, because it is pretty well made. That one web-cam chick there is pretty hot, and you know.. I would just not recommend this movie to anyone, really. Midday, but flexible (up to two hours extra is free; after that it costs 50 per cent of the room rate). Double rooms from £366.87 (THB16,207), excluding tax at 18.7 per cent.Prices have been converted from the hotel’s local currency (THB19,237.95), via openexchangerates.org, using today’s exchange rate. A minimum five-night stay is required during peak season (22 December–10 January).

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