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Many years ago in the days before people had mobile phones and social media was an unknown concept, Nick went travelling.

He spent three months exploring Europe and the Middle East and for the majority of the time he travelled alone, completely out of contact with home.

Rachel and Nick were both parent governors at the school and were therefore well known to most of the staff.

It was the summer term and we were all looking forward to having a holiday somewhere we had never been before.

She also must pay a ,500 fine and restitution of ,819.16 to the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, which owns the creek. was sentenced to three years of court probation with several special conditions of probation, including orders that the owner must put up signs at the lodge notifying guests that the open space district property is not open to guests, Deputy District Attorney Denise Raabe said.

"This appropriate sentence underscores that individuals and businesses cannot simply take what they want from their neighbors without permission or consequence," Raabe said in a statement.

He left with just a small bag of possessions and a walking stick, having managed to badly sprain his ankle a couple of days before departure.

During his travels he ended up stranded for a week on the small Greek Island of Samothrace.

Associates must pay an additional a day when they visit.It just so happened that the part of the island where all the backpackers camped out was a naturalist area and so Nick decided to go with the flow and he spent his days there mainly naked under the sun, only dressing when he had to shop in the nearby village.This story of their father spending a week in a nudist camp as a young man became a bit of a family lore, and all the kids found it both hilarious and revolting in equal measure.Standing behind the counter, ready to offer more information on any of these events, is Marlene Gorman, a cheery woman clad in purple beach thongs and dangling earrings. Gorman, jovially pointing to the wide-brimmed, feather-bedecked straw hat sitting nearby. Gorman is on the board of Solair, Connecticut's only nudist resort, in rural North Woodstock in the state's northeastern corner.''We were founded in 1932 by a group of people who bought this land for a song,'' said Richard Ross, the resort's manager. Ross said that, like those who founded Solair, he enjoys nudism ''as a life style.'' ''It's a spiritual awakening,'' he said. Clothing symbolizes restriction and the whole restrictiveness of society.

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