Nigerian dating in uk

He made desperate, emotional pleas to her for help, and in total she sent him thousands of euros to pay the medical bills.

On their arrest police found a laptop containing records of conversations between the woman and the man called Anderson and a copy of The Game, a bestselling book on the art of seduction.

Ms Grette, who was 62 at the time, thought she was speaking to a 58-year-old Danish man for three months after they met on an online dating site.

They arranged for him to visit her, but he explained he first had to visit Nigeria with his son for a job interview.

Scotland Yard today issued an alert over “romance fraud” scams saying Londoners had lost at least £4 million to conmen in the past year - including a businesswoman fleeced of £1.6m.

Detectives warned the number of cases of romance fraud was rising as the case of the businesswoman conned by a man she met on a dating website emerged.

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