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Auds who contributed to the first “Cheaper’s” 8 million domestic take should return for a second round, with homevid returns likely to eclipse any theatrical shortfall.Despite the fact that he and wife Kate (Hunt) have 12 children, about nine of whom have yet to hit puberty, former football coach Tom Baker (Martin) is suffering from empty-nest syndrome.Oldest daughter Nora (Piper Perabo) is about to have a baby and move to Texas with husband Bud (Jonathan Bennett, filling in for Ashton Kutcher), while fashion-savvy Lorraine (Hilary Duff) is headed to New York for an internship.The solution: one last family trip up to beautiful Lake Winnetka, Wis.Seth Herzog: I want to put a pin in you, you [bleep, bleep]! Dave Hill: [male on phone] Now, we'd like to recast the baby - with a cuter baby-- - [beep] [screaming, rock music] Seth Herzog: You [bleep] twat-hole! Lauren Francesca: How am I going to schedule all this [bleep]? Dirty Love was written by leading lady Jenny Mc Carthy and directed by John Asher, Mc Carthy's then-husband.

A family sitcom writ very large, “Cheaper by the Dozen 2” sends the Bakers of Midland, Ill., on summer vacation, along with enough life lessons and cutely precocious kiddie dialogue to furnish an entire season of “Full House.” Bland, canned but studiously professional sequel retains most of the principals from Fox’s family-friendly 2003 hit, including the ever-reliable Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt.

Dave Hill: Listen, we're super excited for tomorrow's commercial shoot. We are too-- - However, Dave Hill: we do have some minor changes to the script. Seth Herzog: Changes to the script that you already approved.

Seth Herzog: Uh, I'd like to do some intros here myself. We worked together on-- Dave Hill: [male on phone] Terrific!

Does Rebecca have any chance at either finding new love or winning Richard back?

And is it possible her pal John (Eddie Kaye Thomas) might be interested in being more than just friends?

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