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"Let's face it: That whole thing is — she's called the girlfriend from hell." And: "She was baiting him, and she's a terrible human being." And: "The way she led him along. Meanwhile, over at Alex Jones' concrete-walled bunker two miles under the surface of the Nevada desert, the Sterling incident is explained quite easily: President Obama, Magic Johnson, and Al Sharpton are "ganging up" on the poor defenseless millionaire.He should know, if he were there, if he was with it, he would know after one or two of those questions that she was answering and asking that there's something going on here." It is a fundamental tenet of American law that if someone gets you to admit something embarrassing or horrible but doesn't explicitly tell you in advance that they will use that information against you, it is not you who is the bad person. In case it wasn't clear how the blog post was unfolding, I'll let this sentence provide some guidance.Kelly noted that legal threats in both of those instances forced Jones to issue an on-air retractions and apologies.“You don’t sound very sorry,” she said as Jones tried to explain why he agreed to apologize."Michelle and co-host Matt Baker immediately laughed at the comment, which was evidently meant in jest.The 32-year-old Watchdog host will be presenting the evening chat show at the beginning of the week, while Robot Wars host Angela Scanlon will cover the latter half during Alex's maternity leave.

NBC News and Kelly defended the decision to feature Jones on her fledgling newsmagazine series, saying his rising influence made him worthy of scrutiny.Once you’ve chosen to do a wide-eyed, enraged segment about how “gay bombs” were used in Iraq and are in tap water and how chemicals in the water are turning frogs gay, I feel comfortable that I’ve heard enough to draw a conclusion. No, for her second show, she feels you and the rest of the American news audience need to hear Jones talk more about his theory that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. This is like saying we absolutely have to hear the latest diatribe from Charlie Sheen. I thought the first three letters in “news” were NEW.Megyn Kelly pressed conservative firebrand Alex Jones on his access to President Trump, his unfounded conspiracy mongering and his growing following during the “Sunday Night” interview that drew fierce criticism of Kelly and NBC News.In fact, if Jones is genuinely mad or mentally ill, it should make us all uncomfortable that instead of getting him the help he needs, our society elevated him to the status of celebrity, guru, prophet and sideshow freak.Whatever Alex Jones’ true nature is, I don’t particularly care enough to investigate further.

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