Invalidating session in struts Telugu sex chating chadam

That means previously created Http Session object is not being destroyed properly by ibm_security_logout servlet.

I am stuck in quite a tricky problem, That is - My session which contains username is getting invalidating on page refresh in Firefox Mozilla.

Same is working fine in IE-9 I am pasting the code of both header and file.

Following small piece of code comes handy whenever you are working for a J2EE web application in JSP/Servlet/Struts/JSF or any Servlet oriented web framework. Hence we can check the session in this method and see if it is valid.

Invalidating a session is server-side logic, the back-button is purely client-side logic.

That way an invalidated session can be made visible to the user. When I press back, in next request, I can access to the attributes of session.Security configuration is provided in every war file.Thus once you are authenticated you are allowed to access all war application, without further authentication need.We are having multiple war file and each war file is deployed individually that means all war file are not packaged in a single EAR package.System is designed in such a way that every war application can be accesses independently.

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