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Cited their 'policies and procedures' dictate that refunds aren't allowed! A subscription is with a PERSON, not an EMAIL ADDRESS!!! Their 'chat' person would not escalate my complaint nor was I allowed to actually speak to a manager!! AND the email addresses are EXACTLY the same except for one is and one is Match WOULD NOT REFUND THE OVERCHARGES because they said that these were DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS!! Their 'chat' person could clearly see in their records that the subscriptions were identical in terms of my personal information, the date and time of the purchase, and the credit card used for both were the same!!!But in 2007 there was a dispute and Pay Pal stopped accepting payments for membership at that site, although it continued to accept payments for book purchases and other related merchandise on the site.In 2011, Wade launched Whats Your and that’s when Pay Pal decided to freeze all of his accounts, including his personal one.“Their policy is certainly arbitrary and they could subjectively decide who they want to do business with for whatever reason they want,” he says.

If this is the best dating site on the web (like their Ad says) I hate to see the worse!!I'm sure that I can't be the only one this has happened to!! A consumer should have the ability to speak with a person within any organization selling a service to the public and secure the refund of unauthorized funds. I repeatedly requested to speak to management and a full refund. There is no phone number to actually call and speak to anyone. There are plenty of other services one can avail themselves of. Been on for 2 days and in that 2 days I received messages from different profiles but basically the same message.I blocked them and reported the email, but will anything be done about it? As far as the rest of the site/service it's all BS.Most scripts come with fully integrated features and 100% mobile responsive design.I will only list some of the best available commercially available premium dating software written using PHP and My SQL.

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