Dating my 1980s ludwig drums

These are not the same style of paper labels seen during the 1971/72 time frame, as they have only one color. The same information has come from WFL II and Chuck Hueck at Ludwig - people much closer to what as happening than I can get without the benefit of time travel.

It's a Ludwig Classic Maple snare, 6.5x14 in the same funky "Indian Teak" finish as the Signet kit I just assembled. I've been doing some web surfing and found this on GC's web site.

And that sound derived from the decidedly spindly, fragile shell.

All along I mistakenly assumed that the “better shells” were those bolstered by extra plies of Asian Luan and so forth. For example, my Coronets feature a paltry 6 lugs/tension rods per 14″ drum…2 less than the accepted industry standard.

There is no exact date of when they stopped and switched to the next badge - there are cross-over drums.

This was a transition badge and you will see it with and without a serial number it is prior to and during the move to Monroe.

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