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What a nice way to start: A blank cover and blank pages.You can have that with a book, but you don’t have that with music, for example.

One small tear and it's over."I told you this would happen," he says, blinking. And my friends would tell you that I will cry eventually. I know I'm an idiot and there's a liberating aspect to that. It's like, because it's not really the time or place to be doing that, it just sort of happens."Like farting?Banhart first attracted international notice with his 2002 debut album, Oh Me Oh My…The Way the Day Goes By the Sun Is Setting Dogs Are Dreaming Lovesongs of the Christmas Spirit—a collection of recordings he had made for himself.(If anyone can be credited with jump-starting the current beardedness—cultural lifetimes before Al Gore or Joaquin Phoenix or Jared Leto sprouted face fuzz—it is Banhart.), is that when Banhart’s name goes missing from the "News" department for too long, it’s because he’s making visual art, a practice that has been with him at least as long as writing songs.Here, we talk to the highly conscious and epically loquacious artist (this interview is, like, very condensed) about drawing to impress girls, worthlessness comples, and the mystery of the Great Sphinx.

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    Bipolar disorder is a misunderstood mental illness that's more common than some people realize. population gets diagnosed, according the National Alliance on Mental Illness, but dangerous myths still persist about people with bipolar disorder, which contribute to a stigma about the illness that is incredibly hard to shake.

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    You can lose control of your image and not know who is looking at your picture or where it may end up.

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    In what ways could women siphon some of the control from men and create space for themselves?

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    Imagine we have an undiscovered element, Parentium, that has a radioactive isotope, Parentium-123, which decays to stable Daughterium-123.